Bastion Protocol

Does Bastion have a token?

Yes. See BSTN Token in the Tokenomics section of our docs.

What oracles does Bastion use?

Bastion uses Flux oracles. Chainlink is not on Aurora yet (coming soon).

When will Bastion list X asset?

Each Bastion Realm is a pooled lending protocol (same as Compound, Aave, Solend, and Benqi). Whilst this design is the most capital efficient since it allows users to borrow and collateralize multiple different assets in a fluid manner, risk is shared across all assets in the protocol. One 'bad apple' could potentially drain the entire protocol.
We are extremely strict to evaluate the risk profile and level of liquidity for each token we list.
However, our Realms model employs a hub-and-spoke design that isolates risks.

Does Bastion charge fees?

Bastion does not charge upfront fees for borrowing or lending. The protocol does, however, take a cut of the yield generated. These reserve fees are sent to the DAO Treasury. The amount is determined by the Reserve Factor (read more in Parameters section of our docs).

Why am I repeatedly running into the "Aurora experienced an error" issue when trying to make a transaction?

As the EVM layer of NEAR, Aurora routes its transactions through an RPC node to be converted into a NEAR-native transaction. When the network becomes heavily trafficked, the RPC node can sometimes rate-limit or IP-block users. To solve this issue, consider refreshing the page or using a VPN to relocate your IP address.
If you still need help, come join our Discord and open a Support Ticket.